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– 8 languages available
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Método de Transmisión Natural (Natural Transmission Method) ®

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Tutorial Idiomas “Language Services” offers a simple, effective and innovative learning method based on Neuro-Psycho Education. An approach that transforms people’s lives.

Since 1997 our mission has been to create the right environment for our students to gain confidence, security and freedom, no matter their ages, nationalities or origins.

We are a leading living organism internationally known for our highly effective, avant-garde and humanizing learning method.


+54 9 3541 62-4058 


« We are interested in the person as a social being who uses languages to learn through constant and diverse exchanges in the personal and work environment »

Ma. Gabriela Pantaloni
Register No. 594l



What our students say

“I loved studying English at Tutorial Idiomas because I loved the method. It is the first method that works for me since it is not the traditional school that I was used to. I learned more than I thought I could in such a short time. I noticed my progress in just a couple of classes and I felt very comfortable, which gave me the confidence to let go and exploit my own potential to the fullest and from there just keep moving on in every class. Learning became fun and the results are amazing💕💕💕”

Candela Canto

“At Tutorial Idiomas I found the best way to approach English. It gave me a lot of confidence and took away my fears. Thanks to the different way they approach language teaching, and to the evident passion that the institute’s professionals have for what they do.
Let’s say that the teacher adapts to the students` interests, abilities and needs. The way of approaching the study and the experiences in Tutorial are unforgettable, they make me want to continue learning and knowing more cultures forever.
It is a great experience!”

Guadalupe Gomiz

“My experience at Tutorial Idiomas was exceptional. I began with a very low English level; I couldn’t even connect a five-word sentence.
The method suited me very well since, not being able to communicate with my classmates and teacher, I felt the need to study and understand English.
After three months I was able to interview an Irishman, which was an incredible achievement. I started to understand TV series and movies. The progress was growing more and more. By the end of the year we had a trip with foreigners without any communication issues.
It highly exceeded my expectationse”

Gastón Angelino

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